Ecocert Certified - Greater than 98% Natural & Plant-based Ingredients | EWG Verified - Zero Toxins, Pregnancy & Baby Safe
Our Certifications

We understand that as consumers, you are aware of the damage chemically processed, unnatural, and harsh skincare products can cause. And as a brand, AreoVeda wanted to deliver something that helps you stay miles away from it.

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Ecocert Cosmos Natural Products

Most of the products at AreoVeda enjoy the trust of ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL, the highest standard of certifications that authenticate safe, natural & environment- friendly cosmetic products.

Carrying this certification proves that our skin & hair care products contain 99% ingredients with a natural origin.

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EWG-verified Products

EWG VERIFIED is another mark on our products that you can rely on. This certification confirms that our products are free from EWG's chemicals of concern and meet their strictest standards for consumer health.

This is what makes our products Certifiably Natural & Certifiably Safe!

Why Does It Matter?
Being India's first skincare brand to use advanced cryomilling technology for creating a perfect balance between traditional Ayurveda & modern cellular science , it was crucial for us to stand by our vision of being the largest provider of natural skincare products. Certifications from ECOCERT COSMOS and EWG assure that our products are genuine, organic and naturally produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices.
So, sit back and relax because, at AreoVeda, we ensure:
  • Promoting the use of products from natural sources and respecting biodiversity.
  • Using natural resources responsibly, thus respecting the environment.
  • Using processing and manufacturing that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment.
  • Integrating and developing the concept of "green chemistry".